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Macro Converters

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Product Description

The Macro Converters are compatible with all Lensbaby lens bodies and optics, making macro photography available to all new and existing Lensbaby photographers with multiple options above and beyond the existing Lensbaby Macro kit.

The Lensbaby Macro Converters include an 8mm converter and a 16mm converter. They can also be stacked together to make a 24mm converter. The Macro Converters simply screw into the Lensbaby lens body – and then the optic screws into the converter. For a list of maximum close focus distance when the Macro Converters are used with various Lensbaby lens bodies and optics, please see the chart below.




  • The Lensbaby Macro Converters includes one 8mm converter & one 16mm converter
  • Stacked together they become a 24mm converter
  • Compatible with all Lensbaby lens bodies and optics
  • Focus range – please see chart above
  • Focus range is slightly closer when optics are used with other Lensbaby lens bodies including Muse and Control Freak. 

Recommended Lensbaby Products for use with the Macro Converters:

  • Lensbaby Composer Pro (LBCPC, LBCPN, LBCPS, LBCPP, LBCPO)
  • Lensbaby Composer (LBCC, LBCN, LBCS, LBCP, LBCO)
  • Lensbaby Control Freak (LBCFC, LBCFN, LBCFS, LBCFP, LBCFO)
  • Lensbaby Double Glass Optic
  • Lensbaby Optic Swap Kit
  • Lensbaby Sweet 35 Optic
  • Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic
  • Lensbaby Fisheye Optic
  • Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic

Box Contents:

  • 8mm Macro Converter
  • 16mm Macro Converter
  • Clear plastic storage case
  • User guide



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Product Reviews

  1. Terrible 'system'

    Posted by Steve on 27th Feb 2014

    The swap system, with the push pull click left turn right twist, aperture open, line this dot up with that, is a DISASTER, and I jammed the converter in my Composer, never to be seperated again!

    Can't comment on the pictures...

  2. they really increase the usefulness of your lens

    Posted by C on 11th Aug 2013

    I've been using these with my Spark for a couple of weeks now, my initial thoughts:
    - installing them is not difficult (instructions and the neccessary tool are included) once you get used to it, BUT installation involves removing the optic and thus exposing the sensor, so it can't be done in a dusty environment
    - they work by moving the optic forward (like an extention tube), so getting them may not be worthwhile if you already own an extension tube
    - moving the optic forward means that the effects of tilting the lens are exaggerated, which makes focussing with tilt harder
    - it's fairly easy to get nice results when you don't tilt the lens, results are more hit-and-miss when you do tilt
    - they are (as a previous reviewer said) overpriced given their manufacturing cost, BUT I think they're worth getting because they really increase the usefulness of your lens
    - they, combined with the Spark I purchased at the same time, weigh next to nothing, but I was charged $45 for shipping to Australia?!

  3. Difficulty

    Posted by Ross on 10th Jun 2013

    Very difficult to understand the video as the lens it's being attached to continues to change. Also, quite difficult to remove once it's installed.

  4. Five stars so far.

    Posted by Gilly on 13th May 2012

    I just got my macro converter for my Muse, and I LOVE it. The detail is perfect for my expectations. I"ve only taken about 50 macro shots, so far so it's still new, but I don't see any issues.

    I think the price is great, considering I don't have to buy a completely separate macro lens. I love you Lensbaby!

  5. Way overpriced!

    Posted by Roland W. Waniek on 26th Apr 2012

    I'm a LB fan, no doubt. Hence I bought also the macro converters to have even more possibilities with my Sweet35.

    The macro converters are doing their job. They're ok, full stop.

    But why on earth do two simple rings made out of plastic have to cost 50 USD (in Europe they are even more expensive)?? I don't get it. Production cost are max. five dollars.

    Why do accessories have to be that grossly overpriced? Be more realistic, cut down the price to max. 20 dollars. Customers love realistic prices.

  6. Magnificent Macros

    Posted by Marisa Allegra Williams on 7th Mar 2012

    Not much to say here other than these converters work wonders to produce incredible macros. I've been using them with the Edge 80 to shoot food and maps close up, and - wow. Just fantastic results. Honestly, this product exceeded my expectations. I have the old Macro Kit, too. And while those were nice, I didn't or haven't ended up using them all that much. These I can already tell will get TONS of play in my makeshift kitchen studio and elsewhere. Love them! Can't wait to test with my Sweet 35. Confident the results will be just as fantastic as with the Edge 80.

  7. I've tested, and can't wait!

    Posted by Tyson Robichaud on 2nd Feb 2012

    I was a tester for these converters and I really, really enjoyed them. I wasn't privy to the price or final specs, but I think these are an awesome addition to any Lensbaby shooter's kit. Quick, on the fly close up shooting with the ability to use creative aperture disks, or get unique detail shots (I'm certainly bringing this along to the next round of weddings) or being able to further diversify using a plane of focus for macro work while still maintaining relatively large apertures is going to be a fun thing for Lensbaby shooters.

  8. Great for use with Sweet 35 Optic

    Posted by Kathleen Clemons on 31st Jan 2012

    The Sweet 35 was an amazing addition to the Lensbaby line up. Now, with the introduction of the Macro Converters, I can use the wider focal length of the Sweet 35 to my advantage and move in as close as I need to for my macro nature photos.

    This is proving to be an ideal combination for my flower portraits.

  9. Another great addition to the Lensbaby line

    Posted by David Akoubian on 31st Jan 2012

    They allow you to focus closer with the Optic Swap system without changing the desired effect of the optic. When sharpness is critical, with the Sweet 35 or Double Glass, the Macro Converters take you as close as you want to go while maintaining the effect of the optic. The Single Glass becomes even more magical!

    I have noticed an "enhancement" in the Bokeh that wasn't possible by simply adding diopters to the front of the lens. I am very impressed with the pallet of color I can now use as a background, allowing me to keep the viewer focused on my subject.

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